Securing a sustainable future
energy system through
strategy, collaboration and innovation

A radical new approach
to energy

Energy is the most indispensable industry on Earth, and yet the competing perspectives around energy production, lower carbon energy, energy efficiency and diversification of energy sources are fragmented, divergent and polarising.   

The energy value chain must come together to bring about a radical, bold new approach to energy systems. 

The Citizens Energy Congress, launching virtually in June 2021, will connect the competing views on energy related questions and enable the many stakeholders to develop the new strategies, pursue greater collaboration and accelerate the innovations, necessary for the energy industry to evolve and advance in ways that society deems acceptable and sustainable. 


The Citizens Energy Congress will connect the fragmented, divergent and polarising perspectives around energy.

It will accelerate the industry’s response to growing pressure for a bold new approach to how energy is produced, distributed and consumed.


Attend the Citizens Energy Congress virtual edition this June to engage with industry, government, civil society and investment leaders from the diverse and evolving energy value chain.

Gain insight on genuine debate around the most challenging energy issues, define future strategies, build partnerships and discover new technologies.


Partner with the Citizens Energy Congress to demonstrate commitment to net zero and leadership in the energy transition.

Inform strategic decision making and connect with leaders from across the value chain to forge new partnerships, challenge opinions and define the future energy roadmap.


Gain insights to help you better address the complexity of the challenges facing the energy ecosystem with our latest series of expert insights, interviews and industry news.

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