Achieving a sustainable
energy future

Energy is the most indispensable industry on Earth, and yet the competing perspectives around energy production, lower carbon energy, energy efficiency and diversification of energy sources are fragmented, divergent and polarising.

However, as pressure increases on the energy industry, to demonstrate economic and social responsibility, global society expects the energy value chain to come together to bring about a radical, bold new approach to energy systems.

The Citizens Energy Congress will connect the competing views on energy related questions and enable the many stakeholders to develop the new strategies, pursue greater collaboration and accelerate the innovations, necessary for the energy industry to evolve and advance in ways that society deems acceptable and sustainable.

Universal agreement on some of the issues may not be possible. But, only through a wider discussion and understanding of the contexts that underpin energy questions, can we identify common ground and create a new narrative between the energy industry, policy makers, civil society and investors.

The energy industry stands at a cross roads. The Citizens Energy Congress is committed to helping reset the energy agenda by putting future low-carbon energy at the forefront of business planning and growth strategies.

Recognising we are all interconnected, our goal is to enhance understanding, not enforce agreement. Our intent is to deliver a worldclass forum for a broad-based examination of the competing perspectives on how to achieve a sustainable energy future through strategy, collaboration and innovation.

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