Navigating the
energy transition

Addressing the challenging questions

There are many challenges to overcome on the road to building a sustainable and resilient world. Changing the course of our future requires a bold approach and a recognition that we are all united towards a common goal. Continued collaboration and meaningful dialogue amongst governments, industry leaders and citizens are essential to find the right solutions to tackle climate change and create innovative approaches to reduce emissions at the pace and scale needed to meet global targets.

The Citizens Energy Congress 2022 will continue the discussions around the strategies and policies being developed to deliver a low carbon energy future, following the high-level discussions that will take place at this year’s COP26 and the road ahead to COP27.

Strategic conference

The strategic conference will continue to bring a uniquely balanced debate between a broad audience of stakeholders; gathering energy producers, end users, technology companies, investors, policy makers and civil society to address the most challenging questions and help to steer in the strategic direction needed to achieve sustainability and commitment to net-zero.



International expert speakers


Conference sessions


Conference delegates

Technical Conference

The technical conference will provide a platform to discover the latest products and projects at the cutting edge of the energy transition.

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The speaker line-up will bring a broad range of government, industry, finance and civil society leaders to ensure genuine debate, delivering an unrivalled learning experience for delegates and providing insights that will help build strategies to navigate the energy transition.

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