Navigating the
energy transition

Addressing the challenging questions

The Citizens Energy Congress will provide a platform for nations, industry and civil society to share their views, common goals and solutions to tackle climate change, create meaningful actions, accelerate development and the transformation that the world needs to build back better, creating a resilient and sustainable planet for future generations.

The programme will focus on the challenging questions at the heart of the energy transition, recognising the multifaceted nature of the energy system and acknowledging the array of social, political, cultural, environmental, and technical forces constraining and shaping the energy future. 

The Congress will attract ministers, CEOs and influencers who will provide diverse opinions and ensure meaningful debate that will help form strategies and directions for future growth.

Committing to the world’s sustainable needs

The Citizens Energy Congress programme will be broadcast over 2 days, featuring interviews, keynotes and strategic panels, followed by an expert session commentary.


Strategic panel sessions

World leaders, industry experts, civil society, public figures and influencers from the younger generation will gather to address, discuss and share call to actions on the most pressing sustainability issues and how the world can collaborate and deliver on its net-zero pledges.

“In conversation” style interviews

Renowned influential experts will provide key insights on the actions and strategies needed to combat climate change and the important role global society and industry plays in this mix.

Expert commentary

Policy experts, market analysts and industry specialists will recap the sessions’ highlights and share meaningful and unique post session actionable outcomes and takeaways.

Day 1: Humanity, resources & climate

Houston 07:00 | London 13:00 | Abu Dhabi 16:00 | Beijing 20:00

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Driving the global energy transition

Should the energy transition be driven by the free market or by policy makers?

Taking responsibility, accepting accountability

Should emissions reductions ultimately be driven by producers & suppliers or the commercial & domestic consumers of energy?

Human needs vs climate action

How can we meet the anticipated demand growth in energy whilst slashing emissions?

Cooperation, politics and competition

How do we work together to reduce emissions in an increasingly fractured and competitive geo-political landscape?

Day 2: Technology, innovation & investment

Houston 07:00 | London 13:00 | Abu Dhabi 16:00 | Beijing 20:00

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The future for fossil fuels

Can fossil fuels continue to play a significant role to 2050 in delivering a sustainable energy transition?

Technology and innovation to deliver cleaner energy

Technology that delivers: which innovations can immediately move us towards net-zero?

The energy transition - Investments and liabilities

What impact will the energy transition have on stranded assets and how will investors, sovereign wealth, and energy companies manage this risk?

Renewables and cost parity

Achieving cost parity: if renewables can compete with fossil fuels for reliability and affordability, what is the balance of the future energy mix?


The speaker line-up will bring a broad range of government, industry, finance and civil society leaders to ensure genuine debate, delivering an unrivalled learning experience for delegates and providing insights that will help build strategies to navigate the energy transition.

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