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to net-zero

Sponsorship to tell your net-zero story

The need for innovative solutions, ground-breaking strategies and new partnerships has never been greater.

The Citizens Energy Congress will provide a meeting place for progressive, forward thinking organisations to engage with the energy ecosystem and put themselves at the forefront of the energy transition.

Sponsoring will elevate awareness of your company to energy, industry, policy, finance and civil society leaders from across the energy value chain.

Sponsorship packages will give organisations elevated exposure at the Citizens Energy Congress, to provide enhanced visibility and ensure their voice is heard in the debate on the future of energy.

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Why sponsor?

Our uniquely tailored sponsorships will enable your company to directly influence, inspire and connect with decision-makers, policy makers, and corporate leaders from across the energy value chain.

Speak to the Citizens Energy Congress team today to build a bespoke sponsorship package that will help tell the story of your organisation's commitment to net-zero.

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Show your commitment to net-zero

Be part of the debate on the future of energy.

Demonstrate leadership in the energy transition

Have your voice heard and demonstrate leadership in the energy transition.

Raise brand awareness

Position your organisation as a progressive, forward-thinking company at the forefront of the energy transition.

Sponsorship opportunities


Sponsoring the Citizens Energy Congress will give organisations a voice in the debate on the future of energy.

Content delivered across emails, newsletters, social channels and hosted on the website, will demonstrate thought leadership and ensure perspectives are heard.


Association with the event will demonstrate commitment to net-zero and leadership in the energy transition.

Brand exposure around the event will align partners with the ambition to engage with all stakeholders and seek solutions to the net-zero challenge.


Connect with new and existing partners at the event and discover business opportunities through networking pre-event and during.

Market leading AI matchmaking tool as well as content rich partner pages will drive engagement and enable the creation of new partnerships.

Who attends?

The Citizens Energy Congress will attract thousands of executives from across all parts of the energy value chain, from energy producers, investors and policy makers, to end-users, tech providers and civil society representatives.

Together, these groups provide diverse opinions and vigorous debate to help inform strategic direction.

Six key influencer groups will be represented.

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Energy producers

IECs, IOCs, NOCs and Renewable Producers currently leading the energy transition, prioritising decarbonisation and developing cleaner portfolios.

Civil society

NGOs, Academia and Foundations representing the
interest of society as a whole.


Institutional, Impact, Venture Capital, Pension Fund and Sovereign Wealth Funds looking to demonstrate their position as active contributors to change in the energy paradigm.


Industry, Utilities, Transport and Manufacturing consumers acting on shareholder and investor pressures to deliver sustainable, lower-carbon
energy consumption and end-use.

Policy makers

Regional, National and Supra-National Governments
involved in delivering the energy transition, improving accountability, and enforcing climate and emissions laws.

Technology & services

Consultants, Technology Companies, Contractors and Service Providers responsible for the delivery of the new energy ecosystem, driving down emissions and improving efficiencies.

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